Here are some excerpts from written comments, that people have made about my work in recent years:

I was moved, inspired and re-energised by your workshop. This not only because your live demonstrations of counselling were powerful, gripping, edge of the seat kind of stuff but also because of your teaching - breaking down the theory behind the practice after each demonstration. A huge thank you - this really is your hearts work and you reminded me that it is also becoming mine.
Both managers and staff appreciate Stephen's input and all would acknowledge that he has brought about change for the better, both in terms of relationships with one another and in the way the organisation works. One of the major points of change is that individual members of staff can now tell others in an appropriate way about situations that they are not in agreement with, leading eventually to a more effective team that communicates well.
....gives sharply focussed and supportive feedback enhanced by his ability to suggest alternative strategies
Being supervised by you, watching you supervise others and your wonderful insightful feedback always felt like a gift...........
...very powerful presence as facilitator and therapist
I have learned a tremendous amount through the process Stephen expertly initiated which not only answered many of my initial questions, but put me in a position where I feel equipped with more clarity and appreciation both for myself and the world around me.
A passionate maverick who walks the walk, talks the talk and who I trust implicitly.
Steve's teaching style is spontaneous, but founded on a deep practical and theoretical understanding of the subject-which he shares with a great deal of humour and generosity.
...when I work with him I feel respected, valued and completely safe to be me without being judged.
...you remain aware of each group member and let this be overtly known so we feel safe and have a sense of belonging.
...you held the boundary in the room -you said you would and you did
...a good role model- frank, genuine and committed.

It can scarcely be denied that the supreme goal of all theory is to make the irreducible basic elements as simple and as few as possible without having to surrender the adequate representation of a single datum of experience.

Albert Einstein