What I Do

Heartswork Experiential Groupwork

for professional and personal development development.

Counsellors, psychotherapists and others in the helping professions and students in those disciplines.
What is it for? People who want to develop themselves and learn more about helping others from an experienced practitioner and each other in a group context.
What makes it different?
• The starting point for each session will be the thoughts and feelings of individual members and the group leader will facilitate using both “hot seat” and whole group techniques. i.e. the leader does not only talk about theory he applies it in the group.
• The group will then be free to ask questions and comment on the work in order to learn the principles and theory underlying the work.
• Participants take full responsibility for themselves to get their needs met and respond to the needs of others. This includes asking for the help they need.
• There are no written assessments, essays, journals, checklists or outside pressure. (Please bring pen and paper though!)
Who is running the group?
Stephen Richards is a counsellor, supervisor, consultant and trainer who has been working with a wide variety of individuals, couples, groups and organisations for the past 27 years.
He has had substantial training in Person-Centred Counselling and Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy and additional training and personal experience with Gestalt, Bodywork and Psychosynthesis therapies.
He is a qualified supervisor and has developed and taught professional training courses in counselling, supervision, counselling skills, groupwork and working with couples.
How many people? The minimum number will be 6 – the maximum number is 10.
Where The Lodge Practice, 9A High Street ,Crowborough TN6 2QA . There is ample free parking nearby. Tea, coffee and microwave are provided and if you want to go out for lunch coffee bars and cafes are close.

When 10.00 am to 4.45pm Sundays: 20th September 11th October 1st November 29th November

How much does it cost?

£60 per day

Special Notes:
• To avoid possible boundary issues when you apply I will take your application as consent to share your participation with other applicants. Places will be secured on a first come first served basis.
• The group leader reserves the right to exclude participants if they jeopardise the safety and well-being of the group e.g. by persistent breaking of agreed rules, breaches of confidentiality or show a lack of understanding of ethical issues.
• If you are in therapy /counselling I suggest you consult/inform your counsellor/therapist before booking a place .
• When you attend I will ask you to sign to say you have read and understood the terms and conditions.

For more information or to book a place
Ring me on 07970-211834 for or send me an email to steve.heartswork@gmail.com

Ongoing work

The current Certificate in Couples Counselling started on September 12th

click here for details:

Heartswork Certificate in Couples Counselling

If you’re interested in joining this course in September 2016 please mail or call me.

I’m recruiting for the:

Heartswork Certificate in Groupwork

Led by Stephen Richards, www.heartswork.co.uk

in Eastbourne

The Heartswork Certificate in Groupwork is designed and led by Stephen Richards. Stephen is an experienced counsellor, trainer and consultant. He has designed and taught courses for students and experienced counsellors for over 26 years at a well-respected local college, in addition to his private practice (www.heartswork.co.uk) in counselling, supervision, training and consultancy for a range of organisations. The aim of this course is to provide experiential and theoretical learning for people who wish to develop and improve their work with groups and become skilled and reflective groupworkers. The course is integrative and humanistic in philosophy and has additional content from other schools which he has found interesting and useful.

“Theory is when you have ideas-ideology is when ideas have you”

Will be based on the following criteria:
1. Enthusiasm
2. Commitment
3. Ability to cope with the emotional and intellectual demands of the course and at least one of the following:-
• Previous experience of groupwork as a leader or co-leader.
• Previous training in one-to-one counselling/therapy.
• Previous training and/or experience in the caring professions
• Previous experience in the voluntary sector working with groups.
• Previous experience as a trainer.

Please note the trainer reserves the right to tell participants to leave the course should they jeopardise the safety and well-being of the group e.g. by persistent breaking of agreed rules, breaches of confidentiality or show a lack of understanding of ethical issues.

The course in 60 hours long (excluding breaks, lunch etc.) consisting of 10 days training between January and July 2015.
The working day will 9.30-4.30 and students are encouraged to arrive at 9.15.

Dates January 18th February 1st March 1st March 22nd April 19th May 10th May 31st June 21st July 12th July 26th (all Sundays)

Please apply to Steve Richards on 07970-211834 or e-mail steve.heartswork@gmail.com

Others: £650 Please contact Steve Richards

These amounts can be paid in instalments by agreement.

Venue: RVS Russell Centre 24 Hyde Road Eastbourne BN 24 4SX

Other work I’ve done recently includes:

  • Helping individuals, couples and families
  • Supervising counsellors in private practice
  • Consultancy and training for a voluntary sector mental health community
  • Consultancy for a specialist housing agency
  • Coaching a senior manager in an international accountancy company
  • Coaching for a managing director of a transport consultancy
  • Course Tutor for ‘Diploma in Supervision’
  • Skills and Continuity Tutor for ‘Advanced Diploma Counselling for Children and Families’
  • Teacher on ‘Diploma in Counselling’ Course
  • Course Tutor ‘Diploma and Certificate in Groupwork’
  • Supervision for a training organisation
  • Training managers at FTSE 100 financial services company
  • CPD workshop “Working in the Here and Now” for Sussex Counselling

CPD workshops include:

  • Personality Adaptations
  • Facilitation Skills
  • Contact and Immediacy
  • Working with Couples
  • Understanding DSMIV-R
  • I Won’t And You Can’t Make Me
  • Groupwork
  • Contracts and Consent
  • Advanced Counselling Skills
  • Building Successful Teams

The things that will destroy us are:
politics without principle;
pleasure without conscience;
wealth without work;
knowledge without character;
business without morality;
science without humanity;
and worship without sacrifice.